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Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

You’re going gym seven days a week, following fancy diets by renowned, doing whatever it takes to lose that weight on scale but it doesn’t seem to come off. From green tea to weight loss supplements you’ve tried everything but it’s not working for you. I know how bad it feels to work so hard and see no results. Being aware is the best thing as by learning more you try out new ways to lose more and see results.

There could be many reasons for not losing weight and this list might surprise you. Let’s talk about the possible reason why you’re not losing weight in depth.

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

  1. You’re skipping Breakfast

The first and the foremost reason why you’re not losing weight could be your missing breakfast. If you think by missing your meal you’re doing great doing a great deal for weight loss then you’re missing out. Since we are on fasting for the entire night our body needs to have nutrition as soon as you get up. And, not just anything but as real as fruit nutritive.

Feeding body once you wake up gears up your metabolism and set the tone for the entire day. It makes our body a lot easier to lose weight with a revved up metabolism. It keeps your hormones in control and in harmony with your overall functioning.

So if you’re a weight loss aspirant then do eat something good and real as soon you wake up.

  1. Water Retention

You think its fat and what if I say its water in your cells that make you look plump. Sounds corny, right? But that’s true. There are many reasons why we store water in our cells and storing fat is completely different ball game. Water retention mainly happens when sitting too much; drink less water, excessive medication, premenstrual syndrome, less or more salt and sugar, inadequate protein etc. Even if you lose weight you can’t see it on a scale as water weight never lets you look like.

Low potassium diet and stress could other significant reasons for having water retention. Working out and following a diet is one thing but there are other factors also which counts for not losing weight.

Drink more water to get rid of water retention sounds counter intuitive but that’s true, the more you drink water the easier your body will release water from cells.

  1. You’re eating too much Diet Food

Have you ever noticed when you’re on diet you eat way too much that so called diet food? This is also one of the main reasons why you’re not losing weight. You’re eating too many calories in the name of diet food.

  1. You’re consuming Empty Calories

Empty calories are those which provide no nutritional values and only add up to calories. Like we drink way too many sodas, nimbu pani, so called diet drinks and fruit juices with added preservatives and aspartame (artificial sweetener).

These all calories are good for nothing especially if you’re aspiring for weight loss. You can replace the same with normal water, coconut water, butter milk, lemon water etc.

Remove sodas from your diet and pounds dropping off in no time.

  1. You’re not sleeping enough

Not sleeping enough could be one of the biggest reasons why you’re not losing weight in the first place. When you don’t sleep enough your hormones get disturbed. You eat all the time, your behavior changes, your productivity drops and your weight increases since you eat more than what is required at the odd time.

Best foods to consume & get rid of depression right away

Depression, as we all know, is a candid disease that affects the cerebrum, which is a mighty part of the human brain. Any person going through Depression is going to let you know that it’s not imaginary or anything making turns in your mind. The state of depression is rather outside feeling “sad.” It is a genuine illness that comes due to the changes that take place in the cerebrum.

There exists a phrase that we all must have heard that is “You are what you eat”, but do you recognize the fact that there’s moreover a scientific connection among what you consume and your temper? Several foods impact our brain harmony and aid us to be calm and composed along with being happy.

Today, we are going to know about some of these foods in particular, so that we are able to keep the bug of depression out of our system and life and thereby lead a happy and harmonious life.

Wheat Germ

The core of the wheat seed is a rich source of nourishment. Just the half cup of browned wheat germ conforms to the whole folic acid requirement in your body along with half of the needed zinc, magnesium, and vitamin E.

There are many dishes that you can prepare at home having a microwave, which you may select from the Top 10 Microwave Oven.  The diets that are rich in Vitamin E help in avoiding and slowing the progression and have the capability to even degrade the threat for mounting Alzheimer’s by nearly one-third.


Either you consume chickpeas, lentils, black, split peas, navy, kidney, or pinto beans, legumes comprise of the essential nutrients that develop mood, namely calcium, folate, magnesium, copper, zinc, and iron. The folate content that is present in beans defends contrary to a memory-rescinding complex known as homocysteine.


A watermelon is an outstanding resource of the compound known as lycopene, which is a red pigment that drops the chances of acquiring heart diseases and the risk of heart attack. In reality, watermelon contains additional lycopene as compared to tomatoes. The watermelon lycopene helps lowers the risk for inflammation.

Citrus Fruits

As far as mood is concerned, Vitamin-C is significant in increasing energy, as it aids in absorbing the iron content and preserve strong red blood cells, which transport oxygen to all the cells in your body, comprising the brain. Deprived of iron, your brain precisely snuffs out, making you sleepy, miserable, too exhausted to escalate life and completely apathetic.