Airtel Free Internet Using Hammer Vpn - March April 2016

Airtel Free Internet Using Hammer Vpn – March/April 2016

Here is Airtel Free Internet Using Hammer Vpn – March/April 2016.There are 3 types of ways from which you can access free internet using Hammer Vpn.Note: – We always post working tricks which is the best thing for you all.In our daily life, we use the internet but the internet we use is by paid.Now in this post, I will show how to use Hammer Vpn in free or by the small net pack or Facebook trail pack or any social networking trail pack.We use free internet to save our money.We always do recharge for the internet but why we don’t use the free internet if it is available.Just Follow our any given steps and enjoy.

Airtel Free Internet Using Hammer Vpn – March/April 2016 Steps :-

1) #1 Step

1) First of activate trail pack or first try in free
2) Now Download Hammer Vpn from Play store
3) Then Open the Hammer Vpn and Login with TroidVpn Account Detail
4) Now Select ” Server 2 ” in Hammer Vpn
5) And Set Following details
Report – 53
Sport – 0
Report – 53
Sport – 33019
Report – 53
Sport – 0 , 49201 , 49202
6) At last, Select UDP and Connect your internet and enjoy.

2) #2Step

1) Here also Activate Facebook trail for 1 week
2) Then Download Hammer Vpn From Here
3) Then Create a New Apn Setting in your Phone Setting
4) And Use : – Name – FaduTricks
                       An –
5) Now Open Hammer Vpn and Select server from 1 to 8
6) And Set Following Details
Report – 4047
Sport – 9201
7) Finally, select UDP and Connect.

Limit:- 100 MB Per Day

3) #3 Step

1) Download Hammer Vpn From Here
2) After Downloading open the App and set following details
Report – 443
Sport – 0
3) Here you have to change advance settings
4) Click on Advance and Tick on ” Use Proxy for TCP Connection “
5) Now enter this :-
Proxy Host –
Port Port – 3128
Header –
6) Click on Save and then connect

Note: – It will Reconnect for 3-4 times after that it will automatically connect.

Limit:- 250 MB Per Day

  The trick to Bypass Shorten Link – March 2016

What is DPI?Deep packet inspection (DPI) is an advanced method of packet filtering the use of DPI makes it possible to find, identify, classify, reroute or block packets with specific data or code payloads that conventional packet filtering, which examines only packet headers, cannot detect. It means even you are using secure channel; still, any party can detect your traffic and can know what are the applications you are using and your online behavior, avoiding your privacy.

How HammerVPN helps

HammerVPN an Anti-DPI VPN restructures payload and header of your traffic making it almost impossible to detect or get any idea about your traffic; thus gives you ultimate privacy protection and full blown internet speed.

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