Airtel Free Internet Using Hammer Vpn – March/April 2016

Here is Airtel Free Internet Using Hammer Vpn – March/April 2016.There are 3 types of ways from which you can access free internet using Hammer Vpn.Note: – We always post working tricks which is the best thing for you all.In our daily life, we use the internet but the internet we use is by paid.Now in this post, I will show how to use Hammer Vpn in free or by the small net pack or Facebook trail pack or any social networking trail pack.We use free internet to save our money.We always do recharge for the internet but why we don’t use the free internet if it is available.Just Follow our any given steps and enjoy.

Airtel Free Internet Using Hammer Vpn – March/April 2016 Steps :-

1) #1 Step

1) First of activate trail pack or first try in free
2) Now Download Hammer Vpn from Play store
3) Then Open the Hammer Vpn and Login with TroidVpn Account Detail
4) Now Select ” Server 2 ” in Hammer Vpn
5) And Set Following details
Report – 53
Sport – 0
Report – 53
Sport – 33019
Report – 53
Sport – 0 , 49201 , 49202
6) At last, Select UDP and Connect your internet and enjoy.

2) #2Step

1) Here also Activate Facebook trail for 1 week
2) Then Download Hammer Vpn From Here
3) Then Create a New Apn Setting in your Phone Setting
4) And Use : – Name – FaduTricks
                       An –
5) Now Open Hammer Vpn and Select server from 1 to 8
6) And Set Following Details
Report – 4047
Sport – 9201
7) Finally, select UDP and Connect.

Limit:- 100 MB Per Day

3) #3 Step

1) Download Hammer Vpn From Here
2) After Downloading open the App and set following details
Report – 443
Sport – 0
3) Here you have to change advance settings
4) Click on Advance and Tick on ” Use Proxy for TCP Connection “
5) Now enter this :-
Proxy Host –
Port Port – 3128
Header –
6) Click on Save and then connect

Note: – It will Reconnect for 3-4 times after that it will automatically connect.

Limit:- 250 MB Per Day

  The trick to Bypass Shorten Link – March 2016

What is DPI?Deep packet inspection (DPI) is an advanced method of packet filtering the use of DPI makes it possible to find, identify, classify, reroute or block packets with specific data or code payloads that conventional packet filtering, which examines only packet headers, cannot detect. It means even you are using secure channel; still, any party can detect your traffic and can know what are the applications you are using and your online behavior, avoiding your privacy.

How HammerVPN helps

HammerVPN an Anti-DPI VPN restructures payload and header of your traffic making it almost impossible to detect or get any idea about your traffic; thus gives you ultimate privacy protection and full blown internet speed.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

You’re going gym seven days a week, following fancy diets by renowned, doing whatever it takes to lose that weight on scale but it doesn’t seem to come off. From green tea to weight loss supplements you’ve tried everything but it’s not working for you. I know how bad it feels to work so hard and see no results. Being aware is the best thing as by learning more you try out new ways to lose more and see results.

There could be many reasons for not losing weight and this list might surprise you. Let’s talk about the possible reason why you’re not losing weight in depth.

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

  1. You’re skipping Breakfast

The first and the foremost reason why you’re not losing weight could be your missing breakfast. If you think by missing your meal you’re doing great doing a great deal for weight loss then you’re missing out. Since we are on fasting for the entire night our body needs to have nutrition as soon as you get up. And, not just anything but as real as fruit nutritive.

Feeding body once you wake up gears up your metabolism and set the tone for the entire day. It makes our body a lot easier to lose weight with a revved up metabolism. It keeps your hormones in control and in harmony with your overall functioning.

So if you’re a weight loss aspirant then do eat something good and real as soon you wake up.

  1. Water Retention

You think its fat and what if I say its water in your cells that make you look plump. Sounds corny, right? But that’s true. There are many reasons why we store water in our cells and storing fat is completely different ball game. Water retention mainly happens when sitting too much; drink less water, excessive medication, premenstrual syndrome, less or more salt and sugar, inadequate protein etc. Even if you lose weight you can’t see it on a scale as water weight never lets you look like.

Low potassium diet and stress could other significant reasons for having water retention. Working out and following a diet is one thing but there are other factors also which counts for not losing weight.

Drink more water to get rid of water retention sounds counter intuitive but that’s true, the more you drink water the easier your body will release water from cells.

  1. You’re eating too much Diet Food

Have you ever noticed when you’re on diet you eat way too much that so called diet food? This is also one of the main reasons why you’re not losing weight. You’re eating too many calories in the name of diet food.

  1. You’re consuming Empty Calories

Empty calories are those which provide no nutritional values and only add up to calories. Like we drink way too many sodas, nimbu pani, so called diet drinks and fruit juices with added preservatives and aspartame (artificial sweetener).

These all calories are good for nothing especially if you’re aspiring for weight loss. You can replace the same with normal water, coconut water, butter milk, lemon water etc.

Remove sodas from your diet and pounds dropping off in no time.

  1. You’re not sleeping enough

Not sleeping enough could be one of the biggest reasons why you’re not losing weight in the first place. When you don’t sleep enough your hormones get disturbed. You eat all the time, your behavior changes, your productivity drops and your weight increases since you eat more than what is required at the odd time.

Benefits of Having An Induction Cooktop

An Induction cooker is not your normal cooker; it doesn’t utilize blazes to warm your dish. From the name, it utilizes the method of warming referred as an induction.where warmth is exchanged from one metal to the other.This method of cooking does not utilize a lot of energy.So if you are searching for a means of saving money on your energy utilization.Purchasing it is one way of getting there. Food will be cooked significantly more equitably with it than with some other methods for cooking. The Benefits of utilizing it are numerous; some of them are the following.


Energy Efficiency for the individuals who have needed to pay a great deal of cash for their power in today’s economy, you know what energy efficiency means.The cost of energy is always on the rice and for the first in a long time.Power and gas are becoming a luxury.You are continually hoping to extend your dollar however much as you can and this means any type of energy you use in your home should be saved as much as could be expected in light of the fact that you would prefer not to supplant it too early. The good news is that these appliances are some of the most energy efficient means of cooking in the world today.You can spare yourself a lot of money from the electric appliances you have been utilizing to cook your food if you begin utilizing these appliances.You will have the capacity to spare a great deal of cash since it cooks quicker than your normal electric cooker and spares a lot of time also.

It is easy to utilize and has a control panel that is easy to make sense of.Depending on the design, you should not have a hard time making use of induction cooktop.Ensure that you have read the instructions once you have gotten yourself an induction cooktop.

The induction cooktop has the benefits of being simple to carry around-compared to power and gas cooking appliances.They may not be as light as promoted and generally, its lightness depends on the design and the brand.You know what suits your needs, there is those design that has functionality over portability and those which are more portable than functional.Whatever suits your cooking ought to be the best for you.

Induction cooktops are less expensive than power and gas appliances.Depending on the brand and where you will purchase your cooktop. You may need to spend a great deal of cash or a bit.The cost of the cooktop will decide if you can get them or not and this will also decide the plan of the cooktop you need to purchase.If it works well and cooks well, it ought not to make any difference a great deal on the off chance that it looks great but rather this does not mean that you are permitted to purchase a blemish of an induction cooktop for your kitchen or eatery.

Lotus App Offer – Win Free Couple Movie Tickets

Friends Lotus App Offer – Win Free Couple Movie Tickets. In this offer, you will win Free Couple Movie Tickets.From this movie tickets, you can watch free movies with your couples. Couples always want to be close so now here is Lotus App which is offering Free Coupons for Couples.Just Follow our given steps and enjoy watching movies in Free.

Lotus App Offer – Win Free Couple Movie  Tickets Steps:-

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